Welcome to 2vwins

We are two brothers (twins) (2vwins) living in the Netherlands , and our hobby , Volkswagens of the 60’s and 70’s and particularly the T2. After years of work on our  own VW’s , we want to expand  our hobby , and do something  else. We have made a front out of plastic , scale 1:1 and mounted a clock in there.The dimensions of this clock are 55.2 inch wide and 21.1 inch high.(see the drawing)

This front can be equipped with the original headlights and turn signals and the ventilation grill.(you have to do this your self) because we offer him completely out of plastic in various colours (ask for possibillitys).The front is made from one piece and the headlights , turn signals and the grill are loose to assemble and can be supplied in various colours.